Why Golf Media?

“Buyers overwhelmingly respond more favorably to information on products, services and suppliers when messages are delivered in a relaxed, uncluttered environment.”
– Advertising Age magazine 2006

Golf is an extremely popular sport.  The golf course is a centre where business deals are executed.  Now imagine having all the carts at a golf course with your brand advertised on them.  Your carts are seen day in and day out, during corporate tournaments and regular play by hundreds or even thousands of golfers per month.

Major corporations sponsor tournaments and are only being allocated one tent at one hole paying up to $3,000.00 just for one day of exposure.  Now imagine having all the carts on the golf course, lined up in front of the pro shop constantly streaming through the greens and getting recognized by everyone golfing for the entire month!

Now imagine major business deals being discussed as golfers get in and out of their personalized carts – personalized with your corporate identity.  Your message is branded to golfers constantly as they get in and out of their carts to make their play. A campaign Utilizing our Golf Media is your opportunity to “stimulate” and “reinforce” your brand repeatedly in a relaxed, uncluttered environment.

  • Hundreds (or thousands) of impressions per course in a relaxed environment
  • Success in repetition and location
  • Unavoidable and cannot be turned off
  • Reach to active golfers, one of the most desired audiences.
  • Cost effective and affordable
  • Targeted ad campaigns
  • Generates over 240 million impressions each month
  • New and innovative product placement through a unique network
  • Monthly campaigns on each golf course, compares to a one day tournament giving exclusivity to the advertiser throughout all tournaments that take place each day