2005 Canada’s Cab Ads is born. Long standing relationships with great companies like Telus, Bell, Mc Donalds and Lotto Max are created

2006 Canada’s Cab Ads expands its fleets of taxis across canada and continues to secure major clients. Golf Ads is born and secures hundreds of golf course contracts across North America

2007 Golf Ads International swings into motion

Airline Ads take flight
New Umbrella Media Brand is launched
Truck Advertising rolls in
We put our money on Casino Advertising
Umbrella Media is a key sponsor for the Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospitals for Children (PGA) Open

Umbrella Media secures major Taxi contracts throughout Mexico
Umbrella Media secures contracts with colleges, universities and shopping malls now offering our clients indoor table top advertising media
Umbrella Media begins expansion efforts into Middle East
Umbrella Media produces its first digital lotto taxi top for major lotteries
Lotto Max digital lotto taxi tops roll out across western Canada

Digital GPS Screen Ads join our Golf Media options
Umbrella Media secures several new markets for Taxi Media in Canada
Mexico staff get prepared to launch Taxi Media in Mexico

Umbrella Media expands its network into Romania, New Zealand and Australia
Umbrella Media launches its first campaign in Mexico for Telcel
Umbrella Media produces its new patented scrolling taxi tops for Mexico
Launched Sony Pictures campaign in Mexico City

UM launches it’s first campaign in Niagara Falls for Second Cup
UM launches it’s first campaign in Quebec City for ING
UM launches Diamonads International taxi top campaign in Cancun and Playa Del Carmen
UM secures the rights to provide taxis with meters, point of sale and media rights in most major markets across Mexico

UM launches a major Coke Zero taxi top campaign in Toronto

UM makes front page news securing the taxis in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

UM assists with the first POS pilot in 150 cabs in Cancun and Playa Del Carmen
UM signs purchase agreement with VeriFone in a partnership to implement POS taxi solutions in Mexico

UM signs exclusive taxi advertising agreement with AZTECA in Mexico

UM secures and invests millions into its taxi solutions program & partnerships
UM begins working with several local governments to implement mandatory taxi solutions throughout Mexico

UM partners with Stay Prime Global www.stayprime.com to provide golf courses with GPS screens on golf carts

UM and Stay Prime’s golf solutions program becomes a “big hit” at Orlando’s PGA convention