Cups – Display your ad on the side of passengers’ cups. Most passengers will have at least one drink throughout their flight. With cup advertising your message is literally handed to them.

Napkins – As with cup advertising most passengers will receive a napkin throughout their flight whether it be with a meal or with their beverage. The best part is that they can take their napkin with them at the end of the flight. No need to write down your phone number or website address.

Boarding Pass Sleeves – Get a larger surface area for your message. Again another product that can be taken home at the end of the flight.

Table Tray Advertising – Upfront and personal. The table tray is directly in front of your audience. It has a large surface area for your message. Put your advertisement on the front and back so it’s visible at all times.

Overhead Compartments – Forget about those cluttered bus ads where your ad is right next to Preparation H. With Umbrella Media there is only one ad on all the overhead compartments. Our graphic designers will work with you to insure maximum exposure and elegance is achieved.

Window Covers – Create suspense and make your advertisement interactive. The passenger will see a glimpse of your ad and let their curiosity get the best of them as they pull down the window cover to reveal your ad. Interactive ads aid in increased recall!

Outer Plane Wrap – Want to make a BOLD statement? Wrap the entire outside of the aircraft with your brand. Now you can truly take your advertising dollars to the limit. After all, the sky’s the limit!