Stand Out. Get Noticed.

Umbrella media has the largest fleets of cabs in Canada and Mexico making our taxi media to be the largest in both markets offering taxi tops, wraps, trunk displays, back windows, bumper ads and digital advertising.

Taxi media is an innovative way to connect with your customer offering over 1000-8000 daily impressions per taxi depending on the market.

With the largest fleet of cabs in Canada and Mexico, you can tailor your message nationally or regionally and capitalize on thousands of people exposed to taxis on a daily basis.

We have five unique ways for you to communicate your message on our taxicabs to stand out and get noticed.

Taxi media is the ultimate in visual messaging.  With our state of the art taxi tops, trunk displays, digital media and large print displays on our taxi wraps you will be sure to impress your clients! The most exceptional part; It’s a point of a sale medium stimulating and reinforcing consumers.  There is absolutely no limit to your ad campaign.  Top it all of by having the taxi driver hand the passenger a sample of your company’s product to take your ad from the streets into households!