Why Taxi Media?

Taxi Media vs. Other Media

Taxis go everywhere people do.  Your advertisement will be anywhere and everywhere.  Expect your ads at airports, hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, schools, major events and the list goes on.  What other medium of advertisement travels right to the front door of your consumers.  Taxis travel through the public day and night, fully lit when for hire. Our Taxi Media will give you 24/7 exposure and make sure you stand out and get noticed.

Just imagine the spectrum of consumers you will reach with one cab ride.  The driver behind the taxi in rush hour traffic will be entertained by your message.  Not to mention the businessman hopping into the taxi to make his early morning meeting.  The student crossing the street to get their morning coffee will see your ad along with the visitor from out of town that is trying to flag down a cab to get to the airport.  The possibilities are endless and your exposure is only enhanced by the dynamics of the city.


Outdoor advertising such as billboards and bus benches are appealing, however, these media options are static.  Market penetration is limited focusing the message on busy roads and highways where the consumer is only able to spot the ad for a split second.  Advertising does not reach all the potential consumers our Taxi Media can.  Taxi Media ensures full market penetration providing 24-hour presence, but most of all, Taxi Media increases brand recognition traveling through the market population instead of banking on the market to pass by it.